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The following forms will be completed upon initial set-up:

  • Oxygen Concentrator & Cylinder Set-Up Checklist (patient will receive a copy)
  • Oxygen Plan of Care
  • Client Orientation Manual

Each initial set-up will receive a “Welcome Packet.” This is a folder containing the following information:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Oxygen Maintenance & Safety Guidelines
  • Branch Manager’s business card & Magnet
  • Environmental Safety Waiver

As a general guideline, each patient will receive the following amount of supplies during the initial set-up.

  • 1 back-up E Tank, cart and regulator. 2 back up tanks may be left for patients who live out of town.
  • For patients on a liter flow greater than 2, a maximum of 4 tanks may be left.
  • 1 month supply of nasal cannulas (4); 1 month supply of tubing (1)
  • 1 gallon of water, if requested, or for patients with high liter flows.

Considerations to these guidelines shall be made for patients with special circumstances such as high liter flow, distance from the store or special family situations. Considerations will be made by the Branch Manager. King’s will make reasonable efforts to accommodate each patient.

The patient will be instructed to contact us for additional supplies, as needed. (The usage of supplies will be monitored at the first maintenance check. If the patient is using supplies as directed, then we may leave a 90 day supply during that and each subsequent visit.)